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Enchant your company

by the high – quality arrangements of German Flower Art!

Our high-quality, life-like artificial flowers bring color into your company every day and inspire your customers. Our tasteful floral arrangements combine the advantage of modern material development with the look of fresh flowers, spectacularly combined by professional flower designers.

We bring your business to bloom – this is our mission.
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Why do everyone love our flowers?

As a business owner, you know for sure: your reception area looks a bit bleak without flowers. If you regularly hire an employee with the purchase of fresh flowers, this time is time-consuming, is not exactly cheap in the long run and also causes follow-up work. The bouquet does not look good after a few days.

Perhaps your workplace also has unfavorable conditions for fresh flowering arrangements, be it the air-conditioning or heating, the light conditions or the hygiene / allergy problems in doctors or in clinics.​

​​Our solution for you:

Enchant your company – with the high-quality arrangements of German Flower Art!

We offer bouquets of flowers in different sizes for every meeting, every occasion and every price class. Quality is at the top of the list. A friendly welcome creates a feel-good atmosphere, a purchasing climate and increases customer loyalty.

We bring color into your company!


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Mietblumenzauber GmbH
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42289 Wuppertal

Fon.: 0800 122 40 40
E-Mail: h.mueller@mietblumenzauber.de

Exclusive arrangements by German Flower Art

​Our Buketts

Our breathtaking flower creations inspire with a wonderful interplay of colors and designs. They are developed by professional florists and offer a real eye-catcher every season. The transparent vase with the artificial water gives the arrangement a deceptive authenticity that will amaze you and your customers.

German Flower Art

We bring your business to flourish

​German Flower Art is a young and innovative service company from Wuppertal, which has set itself the goal of giving both commercial customers and private individuals the opportunity to enhance their premises through the use of artificial flowers.

A small insert creates a big change and color and design create a feel-good atmosphere. Both commercial customers with a reception area, as well as exhibition space, as well as private individuals who are traveling far away and who are looking for a functioning and long-term solution in the field of flower decoration, benefit from this. All this with high quality and manageable costs.

We also develop individual solutions on request.

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We look forward to your inquiry.

Product Reviews

“In the past, one employee was busy with the care and maintenance of flowers one hour a week, and there were still discussions. Blumenzauber works and is cheap. “

Clau­dia Tel­schow, Tax consultant (Ber­lin)

“It is always amazing how deceptively genuine these bukets look. Our demanding guests are also thrilled. “

Mar­co Perkuhn, Con­cier­ge (Düs­sel­dorf)

“A good ambience is important, so that the guests feel comfortable and come back. I can find everything from the real Hingucker to the discreet table decoration. “

Da­ni­lo Coc­cia, Ga­stro­nomer (Wup­per­tal)

“Flowers make people smile. But in the shop fresh flowers due to air conditioning, heating and artificial light do not last long. Creative arrangements with artificial flowers are the solution for my shop decoration. “

Paul Ma­teij, Retailer (Zü­rich)

“Allergy-free, hygienic, beautiful. Finally, I can also practice the reception in flowers without problems.”

Dr. Gabriela Prange, Dentist (Vaals)


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    Flower Subscription

    They want to enjoy the benefits of artificial flowers, but still a changing, always fresh
    Impression of color, style and look? Then just use the subscription service of

    For a monthly fee, we deliver you our exclusive packages and if desired, they can also be replaced by a small exchange fee. You determine the Look and the cost!

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